Beautiful Beach Resorts

Beach Travel Resorts

There is nothing like relaxing on the beach and soaking up the summer rays. Whether for family trips or romantic escapades, there are countless beach resorts available with tons of amenities and benefits. However, when it comes to the best beach travel spots – you need venues that are less crowded and offer a more personalized touch to your vacations. Here are but a few travel spots that are known for their crystal waters, sandy beaches, and miles of open and un-crowded shorelines.  Dont forget to put all the pictures up on johnny chen seo facebook

Fire Island

Fire Island used to be the premier vacationing spot for alternative lifestyle couples. Situated on the South Shore or Long Island, New York, this serene and tranquil spot is now a haven for tourists and visitors. However, there are plenty of beaches along the shoreline that truly offer peace, relaxation, and especially quietness for those that simply want to relax. From lavish poolside drinks and nightly entertainment to a host of nautical and aquatic activities, Fire Island is truly a hidden treasure – that is once again – a top beach travel resort for anyone in the Northeast region.

Montego Bay

Montego Bay is synonymous with sparkling blue waters and miles of sandy beaches. Located in Northern Jamaica, the Bay is considered one of top resorts in the Caribbean. However, this venue has seen a dramatic drop in patronage due to other resorts opening up across the Bay. This makes it the perfect destination for those that want to relax on the beach, while enjoying tropical drinks and basically taking in the scenery. With its spectacular blue skies and picturesque backdrops, Montego Bay is truly a haven for those that love old-school and traditional beaches without spring-breakers and all that mess.

These are but two of the top resorts that continue to play host to hundreds of visitors from social profiles tumblr each year. For more information, you can speak to local travel agents about beach vacation spots for you and all your loved ones or sign up for an excursion with your favorite mountain biking agent

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